Louis Thomaß
… was born and raised in Munich, Germany. He grew up with the music of The Beatles,The Eagles, Chuck Berry, Toto, Spider Murphy Gang and many more. In his teens, Louis' favorite musicians are guitarists such as Steve Lukather (Toto), Tommy Emmanuel, Brent Mason, Joe Walsh (Eagles), Brad Paisley, Steve Piticco (South Mountain), Barny Murphy (Spider Murphy Gang), Schorsch Angerer (Cagey Strings), John Brunton, Stewart Smith, Wolfgang Göhringer, John Jorgenson and many more.

Brief Timeline

… Louis started playing the guitar when he started elementary school. Learning the basics by Bernd Hagmeyer and Sabine Kranzow. While working with different artists at the time, he takes lessons from Wolfgang Göhringer. In his teens, he co-founded his first Band "Midnight Flyer". After secondary school, he joined "Nachtstark"- a well renowned party-band. With the acoustic-trio "Southernality", he tours and plays in Pubs and Bars around his hometown with Fabrizio Musco and Walter Kreil, performing their favorite Country, Rock, Blues and AOR songs. He also works with english singer Toby Mulherrin and his uncle and pianist Charly Thomass. In 2016, he began studying Musicology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, with jurisprudence as a secondary subject.

Current Live Gear

Music Man Silhouette and Silhouette Special Guitars | Fender Classic Player Strats | Duesenberg Double Cat | Maton Acoustic Guitars | Music Man RD 112 | Fender 75 Amp | Acoustic Amp AER Compact 60 | Boss Effects | TC Electronic Effects | Fulltone Pedals | Ernie Ball Pedals

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