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International songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Louis Thomass has been living off being a professional musician all his adult life, including playing approximately 100 concerts around Europe per year. Louis‘ soul intention is to take the spirit of all his influences and transfer them into the 21st century with his original music, as most talented musicians who look to the past do.
Influenced and inspired by a wide range of genres from 50's rock & roll and rockabilly to 70's west coast country rock, late 70's A.O.R, and 90’s country music, Louis takes his musical notes from highly acclaimed artists The Eagles, James Taylor, Tom Petty, Toto, Brooks & Dunn and of course The Beatles, as well as many others.
Louis also has a passion for bluegrass, and he regularly draws from artists such as Tony Rice and Brian Sutton.
Always keeping up with the times, Louis Thomass has a huge appreciation for modern artists John Mayer and Harry Styles.
Louis is now looking to establish his career in Los Angeles, California, where he has already introduced himself, having played at a number of venues there, including Jam In The Van.
As a studio musician and a bachelor in musicology he has recorded with such musicians as Helene Fischer, Claudia Koreck and Barny Murphy (Spider Murphy Gang).
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